Dragon Ball Super- Goku Black And Zamasu Fusion?!

Zamasu Black
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Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black and The Immortal God Zamasu is working to execute their ‘ Zero Mortals Plan ‘. Basically, they want to annihilate all the mortals in existence. However, they have reached a stage where they do not even hesitate to kill even Gods for the greater good. As Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 16, informs us that Black Goku killed the Kaioshins of all the universes resulting in the death of all the Gods of Destruction. Only the Universe 7 Kaioshins were killed by Babidi and Dabura. Black and Zamasu are now seemingly unstoppable. Our heroes Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks traveled into the future to put an end to Black chaos. However, they got wrecked badly, very badly. Goku Black stabbed and almost killed Vegeta with his ki blade attack. Goku and Trunks also lost to him. On the other hand, Zamasu is just undefeatable. He took a sword stab and a Final Flash head on from Trunks without getting damaged. They are now seemingly unstoppable. Our heroes barely escaped from the Future timeline.



Now, in the original timeline, they are trying to figure out the mess with the help of Beerus, Whis and Supreme Kai. We have information in hand that Zamasu will try to kill Gowasu then Beerus will destroy Zamasu. Also now we know that Zamasu probably started all this chaos with the help of Super Dragon Balls.

Now, Goku and Company are strategizing as to what they should do next. It’s very obvious there will be more encounters between them. Till now we didn’t receive any hints regarding any new transformation for Goku, Vegeta or others from the good side of the game. However, it is very clear that trying again with the previous method won’t make any difference. So they might need the help of goods, get stronger or find a way to kill immortals.


Dragon Ball Super Episode 59

But, the question is will Black and Zamasu get more power-ups or new transformations?

I mean is Super Saiyan Rose the peak of power of Goku Black or did we see Zamasu in his full powered mode yet? Or were they just holding back?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 59

To be honest, Black or Zamasu was never pushed to their limits so we can’t for sure say that they used 100% of their power. If we look back most villains in Dragon Ball Z like Frieza, Cell, Buu had multiple forms or transformations. They eventually powered up based on the requirement or when the Z fighters overpowered or matched one of their forms. So as this arc will progress Black and Zamasu will eventually face harder opposition maybe even including Gods, and I believe they are saving something really special for such occasions. Also, Super Saiyan Rose transformation was good to watch but wasn’t really something too exceptional. It was basically a different colored version of Super Saiyan Blue.


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