Pokémon GO Current Gym Glitches

Pokemon GYM GLitch

Pokémon GO Current Gym Glitches

The gyms in Pokémon GO are a fun way to level up and earn coins to enhance gameplay, but this staple feature of the game is still ripe with glitches. After all this time one would think that the gym battling experience would go a bit smoother. Every glitch described in this article has been experienced by multiple players, including myself, so I can guarantee that they are all still happening.

Refusing to Faint

Sometimes when you are battling a Pokémon it will refuse to faint. Players have been in multiple battles where there is one HP left in the opposing Pokémon’s health bar, but the Pokémon refuses to faint unless you use a charge attack. It seems like this might only happen when the player challenging the gym is at a type disadvantage, but since this happens so unexpectedly in the heat of battle, it is hard to keep track of the specifics.

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Unexpected Battle Animation

Sometimes if you try to use a charge attack when your Pokémon is knocked out the next Pokémon that is sent out will show its charge attack animation right away. Sadly, since they are not charged up, it does no damage. It is really a hindrance to the challenger because they cannot attack until the animation has concluded.

The GO Animation

Right before a gym battle starts, the game declares the battle with a short “GO” animation. Sometimes the gym seems to freeze at that animation, and the battle will not start. This could be because of a bad signal, but I have 4G at every gym in my neighborhood so I doubt it. Could it be a sluggish server? A gym that refuses to load? I don’t know, but I’m sick of it.

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Premature Fainting

Sometimes when a player’s Pokémon drops into the red on their HP bar, they will faint without being knocked out. Sometimes the next Pokémon gets sent out and the weakened Pokémon will get sent back out after a few seconds. Other times the Pokémon that was prematurely switched will come back out after the next Pokémon faints. This does not happen because someone accidentally hits the “Switch Pokémon” button during battle. That would display the entire party so the player can choose who to send up. This glitch really screws up the flow of battle, and it could be bad news if the Pokémon sent out prematurely is at a type disadvantage.

Gym Blocked

Sometimes when someone fails to update the app in a timely fashion, they will get tossed out of the gym before the battle can really begin the battle. This glitch honestly might not even be a bad thing. It is fixed simply by updating, which every player needs to do regardless.

Many of these glitches might not seem too serious, but they lessen the over-all experience that Pokémon GO seeks to provide. How can one enjoy a gym battle when their Pokémon get switched out without their consent? I am sure it is only a matter of time before Niantic fixes these glitches for good, but in the meantime we must simply try to enjoy our gym battles as much as possible.

Have you noticed any other Gym Glitches? Let us know in the comments below!

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