New Important Pokemon GO EGG Update!

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New Important Pokemon GO EGG Update!


In the new update Niantic Labs worked specifically on egg features, allowing us to better track exactly where they’re from.

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The new update will tell you where a hatched egg was found, though It will not show where the egg was hatched. This update is very important to the egg system currently being used in Pokemon GO. Mainly because the type of Pokemon in an egg is related to the KM requirements and where exactly the egg was found; not where the egg has been hatched.

This will debunk a’lot of trainers claiming to have hatched regional Pokemon, because now being able to locate exactly where the Pokemon is from will eliminate any discussion. So if you’re from America, and you’ve got a Farfetch’d and claimed in the past that you’ve hatched it; then obviously you’ve been GPS Spoofing unless you traveled to Asia and received the egg legitimately, which then this feature would provide proof.

John Hanke also made this very clear in a Twitter conversation, when he pointed out that Pokemon eggs will only be found in their natural habitat.


It is important to note, that in order for this new feature to appear, the egg has to be hatched. Otherwise you’ll not be able to see where exactly you found the egg unless you track your movements and pinpoint it exactly to your journal time.

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