How to make your House spawn Multiple Pokemon at once – Theory

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How to make your House spawn Multiple Pokemon at once – Theory

If you could get your house to spawn multiple Pokemon each hour?

It’d be totally awesome if you can get your house to spawn multiple Pokemon every hour? I have theory for that and it should work since at some point it worked for me and once it works for you, please comment below and let me know!

I live in a rural area and no Pokestop for 33 KM or 20.5 Miles, so when I made Pokemon Go account, out of all place in my area, my house spawns 1 Pokemon every hour, afterward I got my wife and my sister to play the game as well, they made the account from same location at our house, so now the spawn rate for Pokemon at my house is 2-3 Pokemon per hour.


So my theory is Niantic has installed a specific feature in their system for Pokemon, that will spawn Pokemon wherever a Pokemon Go account is made and Geo Location is on, because if that’s not the case then think about it, rural area players will have no spawn at all since there aren’t many Pokestop or players.

So the idea is, if you made a Pokemon Go account at your place while your Geo Location is activated, the place will spawn one Pokemon each hour, since you only made one account there.

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