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It’s finally here and we’ve now officially reached the halfway point of the Tri movie series, in which your childhood engage in many conversations, meet new characters and possibly begin the relationships with each other that we’ve all been shipping since we were like 8. Unfortunately however, “Confession” is by far theweakest of the series so far and is really showing the disadvantage of only releasing a sixth of it’s story every few months.digimon-cover

Note: This review is mostly SPOILER-FREE.

For those of you who can’t remember, Part 2 ended with the mysterious re-appearance of the Digimon Emperor from Adventure 2, who disappeared after the defeat of an evil Imperialdramon after Joe and Mimi finally stopped complaining and had their Digimon kick awesome ass in Mega forms, and then new protagonist Meiko’s Digimon partner Meicoomon becomes hostile and kills beloved comrade Leomon before escaping as well. Also, Part 1 made me ship Tai with Matt, and Izzy with Mimi, while my childhood made me ship T.K with Kairi.

In that paragraph alone, you already have quite a few lines to follow and the possibility of mysteries being answered is what drove me to this movie so quickly. Sadly, the series would rather do what every Hollywood film does these days and focus on answering the questions in the future, while also adding even more along the way. The result is a movie that’s far too clustered and has me worried if Tri is going to collapse under all the pressure.


I’ll start by complimenting the film and saying the animation is back up to the highest tier like in Part 1. Part 2 had some decline, but Part 3 almost never drops from start to finish. The voicework seems good, although Gatomon’s amazingly mature voice still freaks me out, and the music… oh, the music has gotten wonderful. It was mostly forgettable in Parts 1 and 2, but Confession has some of the best scores you’ll hear in anime this year.

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