Did you notice this new animation from the update?

Pokemon Go

Did you notice this new animation from the  update?


Yesterday Nantic Labs released their new updated for Pokemon GO!

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The animation that slipped by the attention of most trainers, is the new shoe mark next to the egg incubators currently being used. The way to get it to show up, is to put an egg in an incubator, which then the animation pops up on top of the egg.

We are still a bit unsure as to what exactly this animation indicates as there is no explanation for it in the new update.

Here’s an image of how it looks.


What I’m guessing it represents; is the egg is ready to start walking! Which would be self explanatory however without a brief explanation from Niantic i’m not going to suggest anything as of now.

If you got the update, then let me know at my twitter handle and be sure to like our Pokemon GO fan page while you’re at it!

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