Have You Found an Unbeatable Gym in Pokemon Go?

Unbeatable Pokemon GYM

Have You Found an Unbeatable Gym in Pokemon Go?

After the most recent update, some Pokemon Go players have reported finding gyms that are not controlled by a team but still have a Pokemon stationed at them. This makes the gym unable to be challenged, and therefore makes it permanently stuck as a “white team” gym.

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It is not yet known what causes this glitch. Some have contributed it to hackers forcing their Pokemon into the gym and bypassing the team selection prompt. Others believe that it just happens on accident, while some have blamed Team Rocket.

If you find a white gym that still has a Pokemon in it, all you can really do is report the gym to Niantic’s support and wait. You should include the gym’s name and street address in your report.

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Please only report the gym itself not the trainer whose Pokemon is in it. There is no way to know if they are really a hacker or if the game just left their Pokemon in the gym due to a bug. (If they are a hacker, Niantic should be able to tell once they look at the gym.)

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