” Black Goku Killed All 12 Future Gods of Destruction! “- Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 16

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Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 16 reveals some really exciting information. Like, all 12 Gods of destruction in the future are dead. As we know currently the Manga is way behind the anime series. In the first 2 arcs the Manga was actually ahead of the anime and so it had some importance and the fans checked out to know the story even before the anime. But as it lagged behind fans started losing interest on it. So, it started to present the story in a different way as compared to the anime and altered some moments with minor changes. Like, in the anime Goku uses Kaio-Ken over Super Saiyan Blue. But in the Manga Goku transforms into Super Saiyan God instead. Basically, Toriyama handed out the main storyline to them and Toyotaro and TOEI are adding details and presenting it their way. So, the Manga and the Anime can take the liberty to present the story in different ways keeping the main plot intact.  Unlike some of the previous Manga chapters, this one was really good in terms of giving us the fans some value.


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It gives us some hints and also details some of the things that were shown in the anime. So, if you are a Dragon Ball Super fan and want to understand what’s happening in-depth, this is one chapter I recommend you to check out.


Till now DBS has aired 58 episodes. Goku, Vegeta and Trunks returned from the future after failing to defeat Goku Black and immortal Zamasu. They then meet with Whis and Beerus. After finding out that Zamasu threatened Zuno and combining clues from the future with it they figure out Gowasu’s life is in danger. So, they head right off to universe 10. Further, from Title and Summary reveals of the upcoming episodes, we know that Zamasu will kill Gowasu and Beerus will destroy Zamasu. However, we are in a really confusing situation and the numbers of unanswered questions are just increasing. Zamasu inquired Zuno about the Super Dragon Balls and Goku. Though Whis makes some speculations as to what Zamasu wished for. It’s still a mystery as to what Zamasu wished or will wish for! On the other hand, we have an immortal Zamasu and a Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black in the future. Speculations of Whis fail to explain why a copy of Goku would have Zamasu’s Ki and his very own consciousness. Also if Beerus kills present Zamasu in the coming episodes we don’t know how the dots between the present and future Black/ Zamasu will eventually get connected. Dragon Ball Super has offered us the fans a very complicated and a hard to guess story. Using the clues in hand we all are making our attempts at solving the riddle along with the characters themselves.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 59
Dragon Ball Super Episode 59


Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 16, offers us some exclusive information. Previously in chapter 15 it was mentioned that the Future Kaioshin is dead as a result The Future God of Destruction is also dead. Because they are created in a pair and if one of them dies the other must die too. This information was also mentioned in DBS episode 55, but Whis only explained the Supreme Kai-Beerus pair thingy and the death of future Supreme Kai weren’t mentioned and will perhaps be covered in the coming episodes. But, Chapter 16 further continues this story. As we get a more detailed version of the Trunks vs Dabura and Babidi fight. In the anime, a very short scene was shown along with Trunks’ narration it appeared more like Goku and others trying to imagine how he defeated them. But this Manga version gives us the entire fight and the story, which highlights the involvement of the Supreme and Kibito Kai and their death in this process. So in short, Trunks defeats Dabura and Babidi with the help of the Kaioshins. However, he couldn’t save Kibito or Supreme Kai. The death of Supreme Kai also marks the death of Future Beerus. I’m not sure how the life of Old Kai would fit in here. We will see. From the presentation, it looks like, Black observed this entire thing. He was probably there to kill the Supreme Kai but didn’t need to do it himself. Anyways it is revealed that Black actually killed all other Kaioshins of the remaining Universes and so all 12 Gods of Destruction from 12 universes are now dead and he has no obstacles in his path. Of course, there is some confusion regarding this. What happened to Whis, Vados and the rest of their kind? Killing the Supreme Kai’s would only kill the God of Destruction?  Could this mean they got withdrawn to somewhere else or something like that? Also what about Omni-King or The Grand Priest or other characters like that?


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