Why I Ship IchiHime and not IchiRuki

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Hey guys! I hope you all have been doing good things since my last article. I’d like to resolve a couple of things before we jump in to the meat of this article. First, when I do a “Comparison” article, I am not trying to say that I like one character better than the other, nor am I trying to get you to do that as well. I AM trying to show you what I have seen, and that is that the two characters from the different animes happen to have similarities, which allows me to appreciate both of their respective animes even more. That is the intent of those comparison articles. I do NOT want any arguments in the comments of any future article, OR on Facebook as to why a character is better than another. Secondly, THIS article is NOT meant to be argumentative. I do NOT want any arguments started on here, or on Facebook either, about this article. For those who are IchiRuki fans, I’m going to try and use some logical points as to why I ship IchiHime and not IchiRuki, and, hopefully, you can be turned. Or maybe not, one of the reasons we ship different couples is because we believe in the people that form the couple, or, maybe, we see something in one of the people that might be missing in us and we wish we had a life partner like that. Either way, PLEASE do not argue. After reading this article, if your mind is still unchanged and you still would’ve rather IchiRuki and not IchiHime, just put the following, or something like it, in the comments below: “I have read your article and understand your reasons, but I still ship IchiRuki.” No matter what I respect, and always will respect, your opinions, just don’t argue with one another. AnimeBlog is meant to CELEBRATE and enjoy ALL of the characters in ALL of anime and manga. Let’s keep our experiences of anime enjoyable and come together as anime fans, not fight as fans of specific characters.

Now with that out of the way, as I wrote earlier, I plan to use logic to show why I ship IchiHime and not IchiRuki. I hope many will agree with me, but I understand that some will not. Just please, don’t argue in the comments.

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