Trainer Reports Full Documentation of Powering Up And Evolving Starting Charmander

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Trainer Documents Starting Charmander’s Adventure

Drakonous from reddit reported his documentary of his starter Pokemon, Charmander which later evolves into Charmeleon and Charizard, Let’s take a look at his progress.

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Charmander Appears!



Powered up but falling behind 
He wasn’t able to power up Charmander til he found a Local nest.


Maxed out
Powered him up to Max when he was Level 22.
 ”He was a little chubby for a Charmeleon” said Drakonous


Not quite the jump strength but he’s working on it.



“At Level 23 I finally reached my goal of 100 Charmander Candies and managed evolve him into his final evolution. He may not have the best move set but he will always be my Starter.
He’s become one tall Charizard that’s for sure.” Said Drakonous


Charizard Earned His Spot

Others may come that’ll be inherently stronger but he’s earned his place as my current strongest.
Proof He was the same Charmander
For those who don’t believe that he’s the original and think that I just released the original and caught a higher powered Charmander proof is in the Recent Sorting image.
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