Here’s How To Play Ingress and Pokemon GO At The Same Time!

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 Here’s How To Play Ingress and Pokemon GO At The Same Time!


Are you an Ingress player looking to get some progress in on both games?

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Basically all this method requires, is for you to have a Pokemon GO Plus device and to be a player on both Ingress and Pokemon GO. The method does allow you to collect items from PokeStops, Catch Pokemon, Walk Eggs so basically everything the GO Plus does you can do while playing Ingress.

Follow these steps:

  1. Buy the Pokemon GO Plus device
  2. Sync it to your phone
  3. Open Pokemon GO and allow it to run in the backround
  4. Open Ingress and Start Playing
  5. That’s it!

Example from redditor: TheColorlessPill

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Are you an Ingress and Pokemon GO player? Let us know if this worked out for you for any questions feel free to tweet me at @uchihaKoji and be sure to like the Pokemon GO fan page!

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