Pokemon Go Plus Has An Inbuilt TRACKING For Pokemon? Here is what you need to know

Pokemon Go Plus Buddy Feature

Pokemon Go Plus Has A TRACKING Feature?

One of the reddit user zturn reported that, his Pokemon GO Game was locked and had his phone in his pocket.  He reported that his Pokemon Go Plus device notified him of a Pokemon and he didn’t his use Pokemon Go Plus device but he used his phone instead and it showed a red dot in the screen [as shown below] and at that exactly same place he found a Bellsprout and caught it.

He also reported that his sister saw that red dot as well but when she attempted to catch it, it showed error for her, the reddit user didn’t explain what kind of error his sister saw.


On the side note,  The trainer’s buddy Pokemon was Weepinbell and he happened to find 2 Pokemon earlier from it’s evolution family through Pokemon Go Plus, so this is just my thinking that Buddy Pokemon helps you find other Pokemon from it’s evolution family.

Also it’s still unclear if Pokemon GO Plus’s red dot tracking feature is a bug or not? We can probably use it for our advantage when rare Pokemon are nearby we can easily track them down and catch them!

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