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The game which took over the gaming industry recently launched a wear-able item that is Pokemon GO Plus.Even its bit difficult to find one for self. It’s a launched for $34.99. It’s miles from necessary for the experience, you still might want one if you’re a very particular kind of player.
So here are few things to know before you decide whether or not to buy:

You still need your phone: Pokemon GO Plus is not designed to replace the main game. Basically, it’s a bluetooth device that pairs with your phone and allows you to perform simple in game actions while the app runs in the background. So you’ll still need your phone whenever your playing, but the ability to run the app while the phone is locked means it won’t be so hard on your battery, and you won’t need to be staring down at your phone for all the time.

You can’t really catch Pokemon: Pokemon GO Plus is good for a couple of things, but it’s terrible at catching Pokemon(*That’s important though *). Whenever you encounter a Pokemon in the wild, the device will throw a single regular Pokeball at it, and if that doesn’t work the creature will just flee. Anyone who’s played the main game knows that won’t really work, and my first day with the thing saw a flee rate was more than 70%. But we managed to catch up a few weedles, caterpies and pidgeys during walk, but don’t expect to catch anything worth having.

It does track distance, though: It’s confirm that it does track distance although,this is going to be the main way you use the device: to hatch eggs, get candies through the buddy system and check into PokeStops. The device still has to know when you’re near Pokemon and PokeStops in order to function, and so it uses the same GPS-based distance tracking that the rest of the game does. It’s not a pedometer, unfortunately, so don’t expect the tracking to have improved at all.

It’s basically a fitness app, just a weird one: I tried to explain the device to someone who had never played the game before, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. If you look at Pokemon GO Plus itself as a game, it’s basically a game where you hold a buzzer and click it sometimes. Doesn’t sound very fun, does it? It’s because Pokemon GO Plus basically strips all the “game” elements out of Pokemon GO and turns it into a pure fitness app, albeit one with a lot less functionality than most fitness apps.

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