Are you experiencing this BUG with these 3 Pokemon?


Are you experiencing the BUG with these 3 Pokemon?

Yet again we are back with another bug report similar to the Grimer and Ivysaur reports!

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Players have been reporting Primeape, Mankey and Growlithe as the last 3 bugged Pokemon in the game. These bugs have slipped under Niantic Labs door and into the live game over the past two updates. Not exactly everyone has been experiencing these bugs as common as the Grimer and Ivysaur bugs, however there is still quite a big amount of players effected by this.

Each Pokemon involves a Pokedex swipe while experiencing the bug, sometimes it’s activated by having a Growlithe and a Primeape next to each other in the Pokedex. These bugs have been reported by tons of players using the IPhone with IOS10, while only a small amount of android users have experienced this bug at all. (I’m only experiencing this with Primeape myself, which sucks because Primeape is my favorite Pokemon.)

Now some of you are probably thinking, well I’m not effected by this so it’s not true, well you’re wrong; it is very true and it is effecting tons of players. Just because some of you don’t experience these bugs it doesn’t mean other people aren’t.

If you’ve experienced any of these bugs, then you know why i’m making this very well known. Please continue to send reports of this bug to Niantic Labs official website.

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