Three new incense types are coming to Pokemon Go, details leaked!

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Three new incense types are coming to Pokemon Go


The 3 Incense types we are looking at today are going to be arriving after trading is released as the concept has already been worked on.


cokuspokus on reddit has found the new details in the source code hidden in the new updated app. They also found scripts that point at the ability to trade items and Pokemon – it seems Pokemon Go has a bright future ahead. Now users have found hints at new Incense types to lure certain types of Pokemon.

Item_incense_spicy for attracting Fire (and Electric?) Pokemon

Item_incense_cool for attracting Water and Ice Pokemon

Item_incense_floral for attracting Grass and Bug Pokemon

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With specific incense to use for luring Pokemon, it will make it easier for us to find exactly which Pokemon we want on our team. I myself, specifically wanted to be a Dragon only trainer however I will have to wait for this when Gen 2 is released.

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