This Pokémon GO Pokédex allows you to find your Pokémon’s best move set!

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 Pokémon GO Pokédex! has came up with yet another useful tool for Pokemon GO, and this time it’s a Pokedex for all trainers looking to figure out the max CP and all current moves for each Pokemon.

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Each Pokedex Entry has a move list for each Pokemon that shows you which move has more DPS.(Damage per second) Also allowing you to see the cooldowns for each move the Pokemon has available. 

The way you use this Pokedex is basically go down the list of all available Pokemon, which at the moment there’s only 151.

So if you’d like to see your favorite Pokemon’s best move set, or figure out what’s the best tactic for battle, or even what your favorite Pokemon’s max CP is, then head on over to by clicking just below!


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