Pokemon Go Has Made More Money Than These Popular Hollywood Blockbusters!

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Pokemon Go Has Made More Money Than These Popular Hollywood Blockbusters!

Pokemon GO has now reportedly brought in $500M in revenue since releasing the app a few months ago.

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This puts Pokemon GO above some of the recent Hollywood Blockbusters such as Ghost Busters, Star Trek Beyond, Warcraft and Independence Day 2. Even though Warcraft becomes the most successful video game to branch off into the movie scene, Pokemon GO continues make more noise.

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Above you can see an accurate graph of gross brought in by these Hollywood movies, however you can see by comparison how much more money Pokemon GO has brought in revenue.


While Pokemon GO continues to break more records and bring in more money with each update that’s released. We can assure you the future is going to be very bright as we continue to branch off into other sections of the game. 

John Hanke debunked rumors of losing 79% of the player base in his recent interview, also putting out several fires in the community in the mean time.

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