This Trainers House Is Spawning Rare Pokemon!

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This Trainers House Is Spawning Rare Pokemon!

A redditor by the name of TheBannaStory reported how his house is a Pokemon Spawn playground.


He recently took to reddit in awe of the type of Pokemon that surround his house, wondering why kids kept walking around his house and yard worried something was wrong. It turns out he has rare Pokemon all around his house.

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His house has seen some of the best choices including a Rhydon already evolved, not to mention a Poliwrath and how they show up in groups instead of just one or two at a time. ” I live in a semi small town in northern Denmark. When i first installed the game it was the same but ONLY Magnemite and Voltorb spawned. 4 or 5 Magnemite and 1 or 2 Voltorb. After an update i got these rare pokemons instead.” TheBannaStory Said.

However he also stated that their are 0 Poke stops around his house for him to collect Poke balls and he’s even ran out and is unable to catch most of these.


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