Sasuke vs Kinshiki BOSS BATTLE PREVIEW!


OH MY GOD. Stuff keeps getting leaked and I love it.

Check out the video below to see Sasuke vs Kinshiki in Storm 4! Do you think they adapted Boruto Naruto Movie Correctly? I sure as hell think they did!

Below in the video many things are noticeable.

well, ignore the fact that they found a noob to play the demo, anyways lets get down to the meat of the trailer!

  • Sasuke new moveset
  • Sasuke new Jutsu :Heavenly hand power : Chidori
  • Sasuke new Ultimate Jutsu
  • Kinshiki Playable character with full move set and Jutsu
  • Momoshiki

And as I say that, the fact that they are showing Momoshiki without showing his entire face revealed means that he will also be a boss battle later on during the DLC!

And with that, that means the boss battle with Naruto & Sasuke vs Momoshiki awakened will happen!

I know I’m pushing hope too far, but if they showed Momoshiki and his fight is until the end of Boruto Naruto the Movie, does that mean the chunin exams will also be playable?! Its high hoping, but i believe anything is possible!

So many possibilities just from the little boss battle time and trailer we got. Anyways enjoy the video below and let us know what you’re most excited about for this DLC!

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