Pokemon Go Egg Tracking Has Improved

Isi Pokemon Dalam Telur atau Egg di Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Egg Tracking Has Improved

We noticed yesterday evening that the egg tracking distance has improved – a lot.The test was conducted in a mixed urban area, with both long straight streets and typical Mediterranean city streets (narrow, lots of corners and turns) by the writers on PokemonGoHub

Usually they always used the same route for hatching eggs and evening walks with kids and friends. The route they follow goes through the old city center of Kaštela, Croatia and has many narrow streets and sharp turns along the way.

Previously, they manage to track 9.5 – 11 kilometers per night, even though the real distance used to be 18 kilometers.The players usually loss a lot of KMs due to narrow streets, lots of corners and sketchy GPS coverage.

Yesterday, they managed to track 13-14 kilometers. The average tracked distance was 13.676 KMs – insanely good for that route!It was also noticed that the tracker updated quite more often, usually after taking a turn. It looks like Niantic introduced this mechanism to improve tracking in urban areas. Although not exact,it was observed that the game recorded distance 20 – 30 seconds after changing the  direction of movement.

  1. Overall, we recorded a significant improvement (15%-20%) in tracked distance
  2. The tracker behaves as it used to when moving straight – lazy to update the distance if no turns are made
  3. The tracker updates more frequently than before
  4. Taking turns and moving through random streets in random direction no longer loses distance (at least not a lot)
  5. Taking turns and navigating perpendicular streets rewarded more distance than before
  6. The maximum tracking speed remained unchanged – around 10.5 km/h
  7. GPS loss does not penalise tracking as harsh as it used to.
  8. The penalty for when you hit Passenger limit is more strict and tends to reward zero or low amount of previous kilometers.
  9. Buddy kilometers are synced with egg kilometers, but the rounding seems different.

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