Ash finally goes to school in new anime!


Ash finally goes to school in new anime!


So we’ve been anticipating the news for this anime for a while now, well.. basically since they released previews of the Sun & Moon games.

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Please note that there are around 2-3 episodes of ash going to school in the Pokemon anime however none based on him completely being in school and trying to graduate. Which is a big surprise to me, I wish they would’ve made an anime like this when I was younger

A new Japanese magazine scan reveals the new TV anime Pokemon Sun and Moon, and one part reads:

Ash Is Going To School!!

It’s the start of student life that hasn’t existed until now.

Is he aiming for graduation?!


I can say that I will be watching this anime just to see how Ash reacts to school, whether he has a bully or seeing if he actually completes school which is suggested on the cover. It is a great story from what I’ve read about it however, the animation I’ve seen so far hasn’t been so impressive. 

There’s not much news on it the only thing we know at this moment is, it’s supposed to be coming out sometime in November and involves Ash in the Sun & Moon saga.

Here’s a short video by Pearlshipping TV on Youtube worth watching.


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