Will vegeta ever get back in action? Dragon Ball Franchise.


Vegeta fans are you listening? have you ever noticed the gravity to Vegeta’s name is loosing force time over time? I mean except that he now has Super Saiyan Blue powers, trunks would even rate better than him. Since the beginning of Dragon Ball Super, and even in some parts of Dragon Ball Z Vegeta has never been given a serious fight. At least in the beginning they where trying to give him recognition when he went against Beerus on his full Super Saiyan powers but it seem as it is no longer the case.

Image result for dragon ball super 56Recently he was defeated like a kid against black. And not to mention that his power is not given enough plot to be displayed. If you look at it trunks even did better against black when he teamed up with Goku, meaning that if Goku and Vegeta teamed up from the beginning we would’ve seen a much more interesting fight.

Image result for trunks vs ZamasuTrunks still have a lot of plot, and as for Goku he is always on the screen and considering that Super might be the last release of the franchise they should at least consider Vegeta’s prince title and respect. I mean what kind of the prince will he be if every moment he appears on a battle is just to serve as a warm up for the bad guys?

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