Romance Anime Love Confessions

Romance Anime Confessions

We love watching two people fall in love and eventually get together 🙂 Here are some really cute confessions ~~~~

WARNING: There may be a few spoilers in this article ^_^

~ Kaichou wa Maid-Sama

kaichou wa maid sama misaki ayuzawa takumi usui boy girl tenderness look

Mizaki and Takumi are dressed up as Romeo and Juliet at another school’s festival. The fireworks start and they are in a dark classroom that can watch the fireworks when suddenly Mizaki says, “Are you holding back when it comes to me?”. Takumi replies with, “What makes you think that?”. Mizaki tries to explain herself and they engage in a conversation about ‘holding back’ -.- but then Takumi apologises and says that he pushed her too far and makes Mizaki confess that she has been holding back and she likes him. She says, “The truth is I’ve always wanted to hold your hand” and “Why do I have to get lonely when we’re apart”. Takumi says that she’s so cruel and, “How much do you plan to make me hold back?”and….. then they kiss as firework after firework explodes in the night sky. The scene ends with a little conversation and a final scene of the two holding hands in the corridor of the school building.

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Hi Everyone! I love romance, shoujo anime :) Hope you enjoy all the articles and see you next time ^_^