Black’s true identity finally revealed, DBS 58


Since the future trunks arc began, Dragon Ball Super has been making headlines in the web. Well it is the mysterious Black Goku that had amazed many, raising more questions and many fan theories where made about Black’s true Identity. Fortunately the anime finally reveals it and with very solid and logical evidence on the table.

 : Well I kind of saw this coming, as I used to think that Black was born from the Universe 6’s Saiyan race that Beerus had wished Back. So for that reason I used to think that it was another Goku with a dark personality. Well my theory was almost at the bull’s-eye though, as the anime revealed a similar way.

 : From the latest  Dragon Ball Super episode Whis and Beerus managed to finally deduce what was going on from the evidence gathered from recent fights with future Black and Zamasu. Well the explanation was tightly sealed and straight to the point, which finally answers all the mysteries behind Black.

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