Top 10 Anime/Manga about Forbidden Love


Note: This list is completely random and based on my opinion

  1. Mizu ni Sumu Hana – Shinohara Chie


Rikka’s world turned upside down, when her school field trip bus flips into a lake. One would say that it was luck that she is the only one who survived. But once released from the hospital, she is constantly caught up in strange incidents concerning water. And then there is a sadistic woman, named Rikka, who seems to want something from Rikka? But what is it? And why is she the only who survived that day?

Genre: Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Supernatural, Mystery
Manga Status:
Completed (5 volumes/20 chapters)
Note: It also has a live action adaption

  1. Marmalade Boy – Yoshizumi Wataru


After a very “fun” holiday in Hawaii, Miki Koishikawa her parents have decided to get a divorce. As if this wasn’t shocking enough, she also discovers that they will soon be re-marrying and swapping partners with another couple who they met on holiday. In order to include Miki in this shocking turn of events, they ask her to give the new couple a chance, and set up a dinner date with everyone. Miki may have tried to be emotionally prepared for her new parents, but what she was not expecting was their handsome son Matsuura Yuu. She develops an instant crush pn him. But what starts off as a lovely friendship between them, soon develops into romantic feelings which they are both finding hard to control.

Genre: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Comedy, School Life
Anime Adaption:
76 episodes + anime film *dubbed
Manga Status:
Completed (8 Volumes/40 Chapters)
Note: There is also a TV drama

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