This is why you haven’t been able to get the Buddy Update yet!

buddy system pokemon go update

This is why you haven’t been able to get the Buddy Update yet!


So yesterday the new update rolled in for buddy Pokemon and some minor fixes that the game needed!

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As of now the update is only available in certain countries that received the APP first, this update will hit other countries throughout this week as the update continues to migrate across the world.

Some players have observed that the updates tend to arrive on the West Coast of the U.S. first, and the midwest gets the updates a little later, sometimes as much as 12 hours after the West Coast for those of you wondering when the US will get the update

As of now the update is processing and it will be a small wait before we’ll all receive it!

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The announcement came from Pokemon Go’s Facebook account:



If you received the update please let us know in the comment section or directly tweet me at @UchihaKoji on twitter and let me know which country you received the update at so we can further provide better information on exactly where the update is as of now.

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