Naruto Shippuuden Schedule, September 2016


Well as we know most people are already expecting the anime to have already ended by now. But unfortunately that not the Case for now, moreover the anime itself is left by very few episodes. That will be two episodes at most, according to the manga style. And now that the schedule for the month is released, it seems as if it will be a while before you see Naruto airs again on your Screen. Anyways let us now get down to it.


The latest episode was released this Thursday, and most of us had expected to at least see Naruto and Sasuke exchange their first blows. But the episode caught us by Surprise. So they have decided to Start the fight on the Next episode.

 : So for this month they will only be like three episodes, Including the one to be released on the 29th, a one-hour episode which will completely focus on Naruto and Sasuke’s fight. So we are really going to enjoy this one. But after that then Seal of reconciliation’s episode will be released which will close off Naruto Shippuuden, unless if they introduced something else. Like if they decided to give Chapter 700 its own Separate episode.

So simply the September Schedule is like this: 

8th – The Final Valley was released, 29th – The Final Battle, Double episode will be released, And the confrontation seal episode will be released on the first Thursday of October.

In the time being we could be brazing for the greatest battle in this franchise ever, I’m sure it will be interesting as they got the best director, the one who also Directed Hachibi vs Sasuke fight, Hiroyuki Yamashita. So it is worth the wait and as for me, we will meet again soon.

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