Why these 5 Pokemon Episodes Are Banned!

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Why these 5 Pokemon Episodes Are Banned!


With a huge reputation and popularity in the TV anime scene, obviously some episodes will end up banned due to Pokemon originally being a kids show, which brings me to listing a few banned Pokemon episodes that are known today.


[5] Electric Soldier Porygon (Episode 38)

The 38th episode of the first season entitled “Electric Soldier Porygon” is the first of the banned Pokémon episodes. It premiered in Japan on the 16th of December 1997. This episode is notoriously called the Seizure Episode of Pokémon as its first broadcast subsequently caused hundreds of Japanese children to be admitted to hospitals for epilepsy symptoms. The episode features the Pokémon Porygon and at the end of the battle scene of this episode, an explosion that takes up more than half of the television screen is broadcasted in extremely bright frames of flashing strobe lights alternating rapidly between blue and red. This inadvertently triggered the adverse health effects in its viewers. This caused the anime to go on hiatus for a few months after banning the episode from airing again worldwide. The animators were instructed to remake the scene.

[4] Beauty and the Beach (Episode 18)

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This episode is set in the beach and Ash and his friends are depicted in swimsuits. This episode is controversial because of a scene where in it, James cross-dresses using large, inflatable dresses. Although the creators intended it to be funny, many deemed it to be largely inappropriate for its intended audience, which is mostly comprised of young children. It aired in a heavily-cut version in 2000 that was only eighteen minutes long. This episode is banned from all countries outside of Asia after airing once each in Japan and in America on July 29, 1997

[3] The Legend of Dratini (Episode 35)

The 35th episode of the Pokémon anime that aired in Japan on November 25, 1997 was banned in the United States due to the use of handguns and other firearms throughout the episode. Several scenes in this episode which is set at the Safari Zone, included guns being pointed at Ash, Misty, and Brock, and even being fired at Jessie, James, and Meowth. In one scene Ash is threatened with a gun directly pointed at his head, which is why this episode never aired in the United States.

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