PokeStop Names Influencing Lure Spawns?


PokeStop Names Influencing Lure Spawns?


Recently a redditor named  Shinroukuro made a post on reddit about this theory, could some of these PokeStop names actually be influencing lure spawns?

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This theory has not yet been proven however tons of trainers have tried this out, and it only works for some of them. The pattern seems to be working naturally at more known historical places rather than a fire dept. However for most trainers this doesn’t work at all.

This theory may work around you so if you’re looking for certain type of Pokemon I would definitely try this out, certain redditors have commented and explained certain facts about the way Niantic placed PokeStops based on the Ingress API.

Though on a personal stand point my closest PokeStop and Gym is at a grave yard, which the PokeStop is a stone with a small spond, small enough to fit in the whole image, when I placed 3 lures there I only got Starmy and Poliwag. I have to say though when I walk away from the PokeStop or the lure is gone I get the normal again.

tumblr mtjkuZoszopzo

With Rain influencing Water-Type Pokemon coming out during storms, I don’t see this as an impossible thing in certain areas.  It could be possible that they only implemented this on popular landmarks.

This theory has yet to be proven as a fact as it only works at some PokeStops, If you would like to check out the original reddit post and read some of the comments please click here  there’s tons of information on that page, to see more articles from us be sure to like our Pokemon-Go fan page!

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