Pokemon Go Trainer’s Visiting Suicide Spot


Located on the coast of Fukui Prefecture, Tojinbo is infamous in Japan as a place people commit suicide. However, it’s been teeming with life thanks to Pokmon Go.

The area is supposed to be haunted by a Buddhist priest , according to one legend, was chucked off the cliffs because of his corruption or, according to stories, was pushed off by a enemy who was also competing for the same beautiful princess.

Suicides were so high at Tojinbo (as many as 25 a year) that a police officer named Yukio Shige began patrolling the area, trying to convince people who planned to come and end their life . Around 20 volunteers also joined Yukio Shhige, and Shige estimates that they’ve saved over 500 lives.

 J-Cast(Japanese news network)reports that recently, that Pokemon Go have spotted hard to get Pocket Monsters like Aerodactyl, Dragonite, and Hitmonchan at Tojinbo area

Now, families and young people are coming to Tojinbo, and the place,which was certainly grim seems to be happy place again .

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