Pokemon Go Bug: Pokemon Changing During Power-Up – How to fix it!

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Pokemon Go Bug: Pokemon Changing During Power-Up – How to fix it!

A New bug has surfaced over a week ago, causing players to loose tons of Stardust while powering up their Pokemon

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Recently redditor  8bitbouncer came to reddit when a new common bug that causes you to accidentally use stardust to power up the wrong Pokemon without realizing it.

Menu selects a different pokemon if the order they are in changes from pokemongo

However there is a solution, which another redditor named aspidistral brought up a few days ago that can help tons of trainers fix this issue temporarily until the bug is fixed.

Bug: Beware of accidentally wasting stardust via "leapfrogging" when powering up your Pokemon from TheSilphRoad

TLDR of what the bug is

Suppose you have two of the same Pokemon, but only want to power up one of them. Pokemon A, the one you want to power up, is 1270 CP and Pokemon B is 1280 CP. Once you power up Pokemon A past 1280 CP, the new bug causes the game to switch the Pokemon on your screen to Pokemon B. This means that if you’re just hitting the “power up” button over and over without paying attention, then you’ll end up powering up the wrong pokemon.

The Solution

The solution Is basically just to favorite the Pokemon you want to power up and sort your Pokemon by favorites, and be sure to pay attention to which Pokemon you’re actually Powering up each time you press the button. Other players are changing the name of the Pokemon to tell the difference each time the bug takes place.

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If this article helped you solve this issue temporarily then please be sure to like our Pokemon-GO fan page for more!


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