PlayStation Meeting 2016: The Future of Gaming?

ps pro
New PlayStation 4 Pro

playastionPlayStation Meeting 2016 happened today, not only did they talk about their future in the gaming industry but they also talked about the future of their systems. Leading the stream PlayStation Spokesman Andrew House, talked about the new PlayStation Slim. The PS4 S will be a lot smaller without having the degradation of a smaller unit. The new unit will also be a new lower prices, $299. Right now retail for the PlayStation 4 is about $350, having this new lower price is going to be a great call on PlayStations market.

New PlayStation 4 Pro
New PlayStation 4 Pro

Soon after they brought up PlayStation Pro, the new rival to the Xbox One Slim. With 4K Resolution, upgraded GPU, boosted clock-rate, HDR and a Terabyte to go with it. Not only will the system be the newest on the market, it will also be the strongest!  PlayStation 4 Pro is going to be a huge game changer not only for the industry but also for Sony and PlayStation.

The next big news that PlayStation had was HDR, or High Dynamic Resolution, which is the newest way to play and watch not only your favorite television shows but also your favorite animes! HDR is something that PlayStation is very excited for, they are so supportive of HDR that they are releasing the HDR for all PlayStation 4 systems all ready in the homes of millions. They even have partnerships with Netflix, YouTube, and game development companies. All to help the PlayStation family have 4K resolution and HDR to all the proud owners of PlayStations already.

Luckily enough the PlayStation 4 Pro will be available this holiday season. The release date for this spectacular system will be November 10th, 2016. This is a great marketing strategy for PlayStation, the time of year is pristine, and the release of so many games right around the same time. All of which will be able to support the HDR.

Not only was the new PS4 Pro there, but they also had developers from 2 major companies. Electronic Arts and Activision! EA went onto talk about FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 both of which will be HDR and 4K resolution, but the big kicker had to be Mass Effect: Andromeda. That’s right! The newest installment in the Mass Effect Series, they even showed game-play of the game all in 4k and HDR. The release for Mass Effect is going to be early next year!

Activision also had plenty to bring to the table. With game-play of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, and the promise that even Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered will be in 4K and HDR Day One! Don’t worry Black Ops 3 lovers, it is also getting a firmware update to support the new resolution on the previous installment to the Call of Duty franchise.

The new VR system for PlayStation 4.
The new VR system for PlayStation 4.

Overall, the entire meeting was about 45 minutes long, and in those 45 minutes they seem to have got me pumped and ready for the new PlayStation 4 Pro and the amazing titles to come. From huge companies like Activision down to the smaller ones like Insomniac. All of them will be PS4 Pro ready later this year! My only request is that they mentioned PlayStation 4 VR, during the stream they really didn’t bring up the future of VR. Although I’m sure they will be talking more about it as October and the release date gets closer.

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