How strong is Black and Zamasu together? Future trunks arc.


Up to so far this has been the most interesting arc since Dragon Ball Super began airing. Displaying teamwork of villains which has never seen before in the Dragon Ball franchise. The recent fighting against Black has made lots of news and has added more techniques to the Dragon Ball arsenal. Zamasu’s introduction as the one who has been pulling the strings from the shadows just brought one more villain into this arc and it seems as it will be these only two.

 : Black is the main attack guy on their attacking strategy, displaying a very good teamwork and attack combination that is even overwhelming to the Z fighters combined. We have all seen how strong Black is, Zamasu himself was not shown to be that strong but just in the future he was found to be invincible. Wreaking havoc and bringing the future earth to almost total destruction.

 : Zamasu has also been revealed to have used Super Dragon Balls to wish for an immortal body. As seen when trunks stabbed him and all of his attacks where futile against him. This immortality seems to come with other special effects as the increase in Zamasu’s power is very huge.

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