Trunks and Goku tag team, DBS 57


The latest Dragon Ball Super episode has been epic. Attracting lots of attention on the web with a fighting style that been never seen in the Dragon ball universe before. Tag teams! We might have seen Goku and Vegeta work together some times before but we have never seen the bad guys making their tag teams together. As for the episode I give it a 10/10 for all the aspects it has shown.

 : This might open a platform where DBS might be the best in the franchise as most people was getting bored of it. Saying that it might not surpass previous franchises. But this arc makes a huge plot twist earning the series great popularity.

Image result for dragon ball super saiyan roseIt is not only within the Dragon Ball franchise but also in the entire anime. To see such feat is very difficult as it is in only few out of millions of anime that you can come across this. It all started when Zamasu interrupted Black who was about to del his final blow to finish off Goku and trunks.

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