Shonen Jump 40, Boruto to get anime?


The introduction of Boruto as Naruto‘s sequel this year has made headlines all over the web. well since Naruto manga has left us with lots of questions people followed the manga with the hopes of getting filled up or answers to their questions. Fortunately Boruto next generations made up for that and also introduced a huge plot twist. With four chapters now and the fifth on to be released this week, this anime just got more interesting.

eBXJThe latest Shonen Jump manga indicated that Boruto next generations will be part of Jump special Festa event for this year. This means that it is very likely that we will see Boruto next generation anime adaptation as well. This is good news to the fans and an indication that the Naruto legacy still lives on.

Image result for boruto next generationsThe Jump Festa event will also feature other several  anime and manga such as my hero academia, New York’s popular video food wars and an anime for Twin Star Exorcist. There might be several more interesting announcement to be made at the event. As most anime news announcement like if a manga is to get anime adaptations are made at such events.

This event is scheduled for November 27th in Tokyo and later on the 4th of December in Osaka TOHO’s cinemas and several other places this year. For more news and updates on Naruto or anything anime just tune in again. Let us meet again soon xD

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SOURCEWeekly Shounen Jump
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