5 Families You Don’t Want to Mess With


This list is consist of my personal choices and opnions on 5 Families Anybody Don’t Want to Mess With.

Britannian Royal Family (Code Geass)
Emperor Charles Z Britannia, perhaps more than man, had something like a million children with many inheriting his over the world state. This family becomes more dangerous with the introduction of power of Geass . Charles himself can affect someone’s memories just by making eye contact, while Lelouch can command someone to his absolute will. Although the rest of Charles’s children lack Geass powers, but his progeny make up for it in other ways. Ruthless Schneizel serves as Brittania’s prime minister, Cornelia slaughters her enemies in a Knightmare frame, and Clovis kills literal thousands merely to save face.

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The Matou/Tohsaka Family(Fate/Stay Night)
It’s easy to write off the Matous as the worst of all. Increasingly ancient and supremely creepy family head Zouken Matou is known for his extreme methods to magic abilities in his heirs. These include planting magic worms in his adopted heir, Sakura Matou, so that she can not only participate in the Holy Grail War but channel the tainted being within the grail. Shinji Matou is also twisted with anger fueled by his magical impotence.However what about the Tohsakas? The Matou’s penchant for evil is well-established, yet Tokiomi Tohsaka is totally cool with offering up his spare daughter for torture to maintain some sorcerer family allegiance.

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The Zabis (Mobile Suit Gundam)
Degwin Sodo Zabi is the supreme dictator of the Principality of Zeon. Like any good autocratic ruler, he puts his closest trustees in positions of power.His son Gihren is no stranger to murder on a mass scale. The sister Kycilia was the brain behind Zeon’s armed forces and Mobile Suit manufacturing. Brothers Dozle, Sasro, Garma all contribute to the principality’s war efforts. Kycilia is the most conniving, however, following up Gihren’s assassination of their father with her own. She takes out two of her own brothers, one to avenge her father and claim rulership of Zeon.

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