Sasuke Shinden getting anime adaptation, Shippuden not ending?


When great anime’s like Naruto end they make headlines and traffic all over the web. Just like during those times Kishimoto announced the ending of Shippuuden manga right? But in the anime’s case it is not so. This simply means that the Anime is not ending anytime soon.

Otherwise they would’ve been announced it. As per Naruto Wikia website Viz media and TV Tokyo has announced that Sasuke Shinden and several other manga will be getting an anime adaptation. And the possible logic is that it is the one going to take over from Naruto Shippuuden plot.

If you look at this carefully then it makes sense. And since Sasuke Shinden takes place after the time skip then the anime will follow the manga logic, of which is left with very few episodes, then the time skip. And after that we get Sasuke Shinden, Konoha hidden or Shikamaru hidden in logically ordered to add more sense to the plot.

Image result for boruto next generationThis will be the bridge to connect Shippuuden with Boruto next generations ,as much has not been revealed about this gap.

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