Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

Tokyo Ghoul Season

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is much awaited among fans. It is earlier reported that it will aired during the last part of the year. However, the official release date is not confirmed. It is said that the series might be telecast only in 2017.

What will the plot of ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3 be?
Kaneki might assume a new identity. He is captured by a group of Ghouls and this is the reason that might have prompted him to change his identity. He might assume the role of a Ghoul Investigator called Haise Sasaki.Toka might be the new heroine of the “Tokyo Ghoul” in the new season. She might go to a university if she will be able decide on which school would that be.The season 3 of “Tokyo Ghoul” might be the darkest season of the series. The season 2 shifted a lot from the origins and the main plot. This will change shift again in season 3.

Why is ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3 delayed?
It is said that there is a live action film based on the series and it is currently under production. The team of “Tokyo Ghoul” is now focused on the production of the movie rather than creating the third part of the series.

What is the plot of ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Movie?
The movie will most possibly explore the origins of the “Tokyo Ghoul” series. It will be examined on how the protagonists and presumably the ghoul originated. It is also reported that the movie will be connected to the show. However, the details are not too explicit as of now.The fans of the popular animated series will have to wait till an official announcement is made as to when the next season of “Tokyo Ghoul” will telecast. Also, the release date of the “Tokyo Ghoul” action movie is also not clear.

If you have not been watching first to season of Tokyo Ghoul and are still excited….here’s a video of our friend youtuber “Fine Brother Entertainment ” they’ll explain you everything in 6 minutes so you are all ready for season 3, still **DO WATCH SEASON 1 and SEASON 2**

Here’s a opening song *Fan-made* for tokyo ghoul:re

And here’s one of the most amazing AMV for Tokyo Ghoul Fans

If you guys are not very fond manga readers you might be hell lot excited for this new upcoming season.But its very sure Tokyo Ghoul season 3 will follow up the Orignal manga arc i.e Tokyo Ghoul : re, so if you are a die hard fan… can start reading manga.That’s all for today.Stick with us for all latest news animes , and if you are a youtuber or some fan looking for a platform for marketing….feel free to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] will get to you in no time and have a discussion over.

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