Ingress+Pokemon Go


Ingress has issued an email to it’s users from allowing agents from Ingress to transfer their Agent name to Pokemon Go.

However Niantic the parent company behind these game is 2 months late and most Agents from Ingress most likely play Pokemon Go already, or their name could be taken by now as there are millions of Players who play Pokemon Go regularly decreasing the chances of you finding your name available.

Ingress was developed by Niantic before pokemon go, where the GPS maps are used to help lay better map for Poke Stops in Pokemon Go. The System mechanics and even some of the scripts were taken from this game and applied to Pokemon Go. Such as the ban system and locating targets. Though Ingress has shown promise, the company behind (Niantic) it has let down Ingress fans countless times and we’re hoping they don’t let down Pokemon Trainers as we are a completely larger fan base.

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