The Sharingan revived, Naruto Shippuuden 473


This time we see Kakashi copying one of the Jutsu that he has never copied before. The Susanoo that is. Well the series continues with the upper hand to team 7, despite Kaguya’s transformation to ten tails unstable form. This finally signals that the end of the series is near. As in two episodes or so we might be seeing Naruto vs Sasuke. Unless they introduce fillers or something like that, this series is now left with two month at the most. Now let us look at this week’s episode: The Sharingan Revived.

 : With Obito dead and using Kamui to temporarily teleport to the living world, he managed to enter Kakashi’s subconscious thus giving him both his sharingans. Complementing more to his moniker, the  copy ninja and also giving him access to Susanoo.

 : On the other side Sasuke was struggling to keep up with Kaguya, fortunately Naruto had his back and has prepared nine Rasen shirukens with each resembling one of the tailed beasts powers. Striking Kaguya right off the bat and she appeared partially damaged. Well this battle was quite interesting but much of it was diluted by other episodes intervention, Otherwise it would have been a great uninterrupted arc.

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