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Its only been a month and Pokemon go is still holding its number one so Youtuber group Stargaze Media has now given us an idea of what that game “Harry Potter Go” might look like. While no such game has been announced, by Niantic or anyone else.

This mock-up trailer, we see that you could catch fantastic beasts with a virtual wand while exploring the real world. You could also join a house (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff), while players would be able to find and collect witch and wizard cards. There is also a sequence that shows players walking along a version of the Marauder’s Map–it looks pretty cool.A Harry Potter version of Pokemon Go is something people are definitely interested in. An online petition titled “Accio Harry Potter Go: We Want a Harry Potter Version of Pokemon Go!” has almost 50,000 signatures.

No Harry Potter Go game has been announced, but it does seem like only a matter of time before another big-name brand comes out with its own version of the game.
As reported by The Telegraph, there was a story making the rounds in July in which a Niantic developer apparently revealed the studio was working on a Harry Potter Go game. This story ended up being fake.

In real news about Pokemon Go, police in Canada recently released helicopter footage of a driver who was reportedly playing the game behind the wheel. Additionally, Niantic has warned that Pokemon Go players using bot programs could face permanent bans.Read this article for more info.That’s all for today.Stick with us for all latest news of pokemon go and other anime seasons too.Like our facebook page, and if you are a youtuber or some fan looking for a platform for marketing….feel free to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] will get to you in no time and have a discussion over.

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