How to Revive Pokémon Without Using a Revive in Pokémon GO

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How to Revive Pokémon Without Using a Revive in Pokémon GO

During Pokemon Gym battles, sometimes our Pokemon faints after other team’s attack and sometime we need to use revives to revive the Pokemon and afterwards health options to increase the health to full.

But with this new trick, you will need not to worry about revive any more. Because what happens if you run out of revives? Don’t worry we got you!

One of the redditor made a post on this trick which is below.
“So, today I found myself in the rare position of being out of revives (tried to take on a gym way beyond my level and just before ditched half of my revives as well), and as a result half of my battle pokemon were fainted. However, I still wanted to power up my fainted Nidoqueen after catching a fresh Nidoran♀. After doing so, I suddenly saw a shred of red on its health bar. Lo and behold, my Nidoqueen was now revived from the extra health it gained from the power up, and I could potion it back up to full health and use it in another gym fight.
I suppose most people never run out of revives, but in case you do, it is good to know that you can still fall back on this. Feel free try and replicate this, and let me know if it also works for you guys.”

Yeah these kind of tricks will definitely not make you an ultimate Pokemon Master, but yeah it will be definitely helpful on your road to becoming the very best like no one ever was!

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