Pokemon Go is Banned

Pokemon GO

All this time Pokemon parent company Niantic banned many things….! Players, Tracking sites, Third-party apps and even some countries.But this time Pokemon Go is banned by Authorities in Iran.

They have banned the Pokemon Go app because of unspecified “security concerns”.The decision was taken by the High Council of Virtual Spaces, the official body overseeing online activity.Iran follows a number of other countries in expressing its worries over security related to the game.

But it becomes the first country to issue a ban on Pokemon Go….!!!!This game challenges players to visit real-world locations to catch pokemon. Despite restrictions on internet usage Iranians on social media have discussed playing Pokemon Go in recent weeks.Reports last month said Iranian authorities were waiting to see to what extent the game’s creators would co-operate with them before making a decision on banning it but it did’t go well with them.

Also,Indonesia has banned Police Officers from playing the game while on duty, also recently a French player was arrested after straying on to a military base while trying to catch Pokemon.A leading Saudi cleric said a “fatwa” (religious ruling) issued against an earlier Pokemon card game also applied to the new mixed-reality app.The 16-year-old edict said the game contained “forbidden images” and violated an Islamic ban on gambling. But a fatwa’s influence might not carry beyond that particular scholar’s territory, and is not necessarily applicable to the whole country.

Earlier this week, authorities in New York state said they would ban some 3,000 registered sex offenders from playing Pokemon Go while they are on parole.The ban is aimed at safeguarding the children who play the game.

After the update of Pokemon Go app its does’t seems everything is alright with company because, performance of game is drastically decreased and even Niantic is facing a lot of complainants too.Lets hope everything goes well with Pokemon go and Niantic too.That’s all for today.Stick with us for all latest news of pokemon go and other anime seasons too.Like our facebook page, and if you are a youtuber or some fan looking for a platform for marketing….feel free to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] will get to you in no time and have a discussion over.

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