Pokevision’s Heartfelt Letter To Niantic

John Hanke

After the ban of Pokevision Yang Liu, the proprietor, didn’t say anything about what was going on.After a long time he finally breaks his silence with a long letter that he proposed to Niantic’s CEO Jhon Hanke to change its views and objectives on Pokemon trackers.This is Pokevision’s heartfelt letter to niantic

Here’s the original full length letter, One of the most exciting things is in the post are the raw numbers and raw analytical data. According to Pokevision, 50m players used Pokevision at some point. The last figure I saw for Pokemon Go’s total user base was around 80 million, and even assuming it’s higher now, it still means that a large percentage of the player base used Pokevision to hunt down specific pokemons. That’s how huge the Pokevision was, and why people considered its shutdown in such a big way.

When most of your players use a service, the entire idea of “cheating” becomes more complex. In this case, Liu argues, it wasn’t evidence of players wanting to gain an upper hand, but rather proof that something was wrong with Pokemon Go’s own app, and it was at the setback. Pokevision was but a band-aid on a bigger problem, i.e. the tracking problem.

But there are no words from Niantic regarding this letter or any stuff.Previously Ninatic said that “they interfered with our ability to maintain quality of service for our users and to bring Pokemon GO to users around the world.”But as of players we did’t feel it.

You can read the letter here, and tell us about what you think. Did Niantic did a right task shutting down every associated apps for tracking…? open up about your views in the comment section below.

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