Glitch! Pokemon Changes after it’s Caught?

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This is probably the biggest glitch in Pokemon Go yet. Imagine this pokemon changing like this, you find Blastoise around and you room around to track it and manage to find and capture it and soon you find an entirely different Pokemon in your backpack.

Yes, after the latest update, there have been a lot of report in past day about this glitch. A girl’s Aerodactyl turned into a Beedrill and another player’s Bulbasaur turned into a Weedle. How Sad!

Yet on the other hand, many players are having their Rattatas turned into Staryus and their Zubats into Growlithes. How Fortunate! Here is a video featuring the glitch!

As you can see, the guy caught a wild Weedle and it turned into a Pidgey. Well, this change is no big deal. But imagine your Snorlax changes into Pidgey, how ripped off would that feel.

Has something like this happened to you and how much it costed? Do let us know 🙂


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