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Written By N-dePenguin69

I hit level 21 today I and I decided to share some of the things that I have found.

Pidgey is your God now

Catch all the Pidgey you see and evolve them. Every 4 Pidgeys you get will allow you to complete an evolution. Evolution are worth 500 XP, or 1000XP with an active egg, so this is a great way to ramp up your level.

The same applies to a lesser degree for Rattatas, but they take 25 candies to evolve so they are far less efficient. Weedles and Caterpies also apply, but we will get into them in a little bit.

Lucky eggs are your God now

Lucky eggs double all your XP. As such, anything done while a lucky egg is not active is just waste of exp. I know not everyone wants to spend money on the game, but if you do, use it to buy as many eggs as you can.

Those who dont, save your eggs to be used at the most efficient times. Try to always have an egg active when evolving pokemon, fighting gyms, and hatching eggs. Try to also never catch a pokemon that would be new to your Pokedex without an egg active.

Kakuna and Metapod are trolls

When evolving a caterpie or weedle, you might notice that the CP of the resulting Kakuna or Metapod only jumps 20 to 30 CP. This seems to be normal.

Dont get discouraged though, as my 250 Kakuna jumped nicely to an 867 Beedrill. The CP leveling on these two just seem to be different than most Pokemon.

Stage 3 evolution are for late game. No, seriously…

I know stage 3 evolution give lots of XP, as does adding a new Pokemon to your Pokedex. Here is the thing. Most stage 3 evolution require 25 candies to get to stage 2 and 100 to get to stage 3. Thats 125 candies, or 32 Pokemon captured of that type. Thats a lot. Because of the steep cost of evolving a stage 2 pokemon, the rewards for doing so before the mid to late 20s are very poor.

You might spend your first 16 levels farming Polywags and you might be tempted to turn that 250 CP Polywhirl into a sweet 800 CP Polywrath, but its just not worth it. In a few levels that sick Polywrath will be useless to you. Save your candies. Going from level 19 to 20 takes 25,000 XP. From 20 to 21 takes 50,000 XP and from 21 to 22 takes 75,000 XP. You can see where this is going. The game slows down massively after level 20. As such, the candies you save early game will become much more impactful in your twenties than they ever were in your teens.

Pokeballs still got it, even at higher levels

Dont undervalue Pokeballs as you start to see higher CP Pokemon. You will go through great and ultraballs quick if you throw them at anything with a dark yellow ring. Here are a few rules I use:

  1. NEVER EVER throw anything but a Pokeball at a Pidgey, Rattata, Caterpie, or Weedle! These guys are so common and so easy to catch that its just not worth it. Pokeballs work just fine here. I have caught 350+ CP Pigdeys on the first throw of a Pokeball with no berries more times than I can count. Dont take the dark yellow ring to mean a Pokeball isnt enough to catch this Pokemon. It may also take 5-6 Pokeballs to catch a high CP Pidgey. Thats okay, Pokeballs are easy to come by. On the off chance that they run and you are left thinking to yourself “Damn, that was the highest CP Pidgey I have ever seen, I should have used a greatball”, try this little trick: Take a step forward, take a stepforward, take a step back, take a step back, take a step left, take a step right, take a step left, take a step right,Bounce, And catch the Pidgey who is bound to have appeared in this time because they are fucking everywhere!
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