AnimeBlog’s 3rd Fan Art Contest, August 2016

    Hi guys, I am back with Animeblog’s Fan art contest  featuring some considerable changes from before to make it more interesting. The last two contests were exciting but I get a feeling this one will be super exciting.
    Here are the all the details about the contest, please read them carefully.
    • It is starting on 2nd August, 20:00(GMT) and will end on 15th August, 20:00(GMT).
    • There will be two categories: Traditional Arts i.e paintings, drawings, sketches and Digital Arts
    • Each category will have it’s top 3 that will be revealed on 18th of August on our website and FB page.
    • Take a nice and clear picture of your drawing.
    • Send your single best drawing with a prominent mention if it is digital or traditional on [email protected] and you will get reply in less than 24 hours as a confirmation.
    • There aren’t any prizes though but our site gets hundreds of thousand visitor every month so you can shine among others in the world by participating.
    Good Luck and share it with all your artist friends so they can participate too. For any questions, comment below and we will get back to you.
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