Pokemon Go Creator’s Twitter HACKED!

John Hanke

Niantic Lab CEO John Hanke’s Twitter Hacked!


Recently a Pokemon Go fan hacked Niantic Lab CEO John Hanke’s Twitter account and you can’t imagine how easy his password was. We all know he’s very busy fixing the problems with the new update that got released. Considering the massive amount of requests for refunds due to player accounts being deleted by the majority.


It was first reported by source Game Informer that his twitter was hacked yesterday as the hacker put “The Hack For Brazil” with the hashtag #OurMine

Later the Hacker insisted on posting John Hanke’s password that was used to hack the twitter account with it being “nopass” – What a great password.


When do you think Niantic Lab John Hanke will have time to get his twitter account back? With all the work he has to do, it could be some time before he has time to access social media and fix things for his twitter account. Hopefully nothing gets leaked.


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