60 Seconds – Review

If you like the apocalypse and soup then you will love this game.

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What better way to spend your day away from your family than locked up in a small, metal room with your virtual one whilst also trying to keep them alive eh?, ah such bliss.



60 seconds is a game where you are tasked with the enjoyable quest of saving you and your family from eternal damnation, war breaks out and bombs start to fall, one of which very rudely decides to land close by and you have a swift 60 seconds to save your family, grab whatever essential items you deem necessary and bring them all down into the bunker to start your new, radiation free life.

60 seconds is a really fun, half frantic search through your house for soup, half point and click survival bundle of joy, you start off with the stopwatch slowly ticking closer to the world’s demise while you fast-waddle around your house in the quest for stuff, snatching family members from their day and throwing them down the entrance to the bunker whilst at the same time keeping an eye out for the life-giving essentials dotted around the house.


Things like soup and water are a must and for the best chance of survival you need a lot of it but it is easier said than done as they are not just conveniently placed next to the bunker’s entrance, for some reason the woman you decided to marry prefers organized chaos to everything in it’s place and as a result you’ll find yourself asking questions like “why is there a tin of soup in the toilet?” or “who the hell keeps soup in there bedside cabinet?”.

As well as having to deal with the struggle of finding your soup and your family, (because apparently they don’t know how to walk there themselves, meaning you have to pick them up and carry them), you have to find the practical items, (a radio and a map are two such examples), to help you see out the end of days.

Having to do this and get it all to the bunker ,including yourself, within 60 seconds is hard enough in itself but to make things harder you can only carry 4 items at a time, so getting every item you want is a hard feat to achieve and it will nearly never happen, you will almost always forget an item of importance but it makes the survival aspect flourish when you do, what survival game would be fun if you always had everything you needed?, you wouldn’t be surviving if you did.


Once you make it inside the bunker, with whatever family you managed to grab, the real game begins, you spend day in and well…day in since you don’t see anything else from here on out, you manage your rations among your family and try not to die, you take each day as it comes. Every day is different with game-changing scenarios popping up every couple of day’s, you have to make the decisions that decide your outcome, the goal of the game is to survive until the military arrives to help, until then it’s soup, soup, some water, then some more soup.


This game combines the simplistic style of point and click with the thrill and excitement of surviving in a apocalyptic world, where the next choice you make could be the one that ends your life and sends you spiralling all the back to the main menu where you have to start from scratch, when a choice could be your last, that is when you feel the pressure, the type of pressure that the character would feel, that is when you become involved with the game and that is when you are truly playing a game. That is what I want out of a game, now if you’ll excuse me, I suddenly have the urge to eat some soup, weird.

60 Seconds!
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