How Pokemon GO has affected eBay!

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Pokemon GO Items Increasing In Sale On eBay!

Earlier this week, eBay revealed interesting stats about the top franchises by number of buyers on the site. Though most of the report concerns boring movie franchises, there’s an interesting bit of insight into the effect Pokemon Go has had on Pokemon-related item sales.

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On July 18, Pokemon Go was the number 1 trending item on all of eBay, thanks to over 444,000 views of Pokemon merchandise. Pokemon Go remains in the lead, with a decent increase in views and clicks during every country release. Not only that, but since the app’s release, a Pokemon-related item has sold every minute around the world.


This translates to a 57 percent increase from its average selling rate. The list of Pokemon items include t-shirts, caps, cards and other random items. eBay is not the only company effected by the Pokemon GO craze as Apple has taken an increase of Stock and Nintendo has lost a bunch of shares on the way.

Have you bought any recent Pokemon items that are worth anything? Please share it with us on our Pokemon GO page!

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